Milne House Garden Club

Who We Are

Milne House Garden Club was founded April 11, 1967, and was named to perpetuate the historical association of the Edwards Gardens area with Alexander Milne, the original owner of the property which was part of a five hundred acre Crown Land Grant given in the early 1800’s.

The Milne House, built on the brow of the hill close to Lawrence Avenue, was destroyed in 1964, and has been replaced by a tea house erected on the old foundation.

For over 50 years the club has been home to enthusiastic members who share a love of floral design, horticulture and environmental issues. Milne House Garden Club is a not-for-profit organization. Its goals are:

  • to stimulate a knowledge of horticulture and floral design among amateurs
  • to aid in the protection of native plants, trees, birds, soil
  • to encourage civic planting

Milne House Garden Club meets 9 times a year (excluding December, July, & August), on the third Tuesday of the month at 10am.

Meetings include speakers, slides, films, panel discussions, workshops and flower and horticulture shows judged by accredited judges.

Milne House Garden Club
The Toronto Botanical Garden
777 Lawrence Ave. East (Lawrence & Leslie)
North York, ON M3C 1P2
Email:  info1.milnehousegardenclub@gmail.com